The MarketPlace for Sellers-it’s FREE!

As a Supplier, selling your products to prospective customers can be challenging. You try cold calling, networking, emailing, and social media. It’s difficult to get appointments, rely on brokers for representation or to send samples that are seldom reviewed. Suppliers who invest in good safety and business practices, often aren’t able to convert their investment to a competitive advantage on their own. And, let’s not forget the time it takes to get your product to your new buyer’s shelf! Even after you make the sale and qualify for the order, it can take weeks to upload your item data with the attributes and format accepted by your new buyer’s system.

Get Discovered and Drive New Sales in the ReposiTrak MarketPlace

Coming in March 2017, The MarketPlace will enable retailers and wholesalers to search ReposiTrak’s community of food and non-food suppliers, and bring new products to market in just a fraction of the time. The idea was given to us by our ReposiTrak retailer and wholesaler customers who are constantly looking for compliant suppliers that can meet their business and/or safety requirements. Unlike other electronic supplier catalogs, the MarketPlace solution is the first of its kind to automate and guide the sourcing process from end-to-end between trading partners, and includes supplier qualification, order negotiation, and on-boarding of a new supplier cutting out weeks of time.

And the best part? It’s a free service.

The MarketPlace will Bring Trading Partners Together in Four Easy Steps

SEARCH  – By simply loading item details, Sellers can be discovered when Buyers search the MarketPlace – by supplier name, product or category

CURATE – Find a supplier of interest? From within the MarketPlace, Buyers can request a sample or negotiate terms. The system will automatically collect all documentation to ensure compliance with business and/or safety requirements.

ORDER – Once all negotiations are complete and a supplier has met requirements, an order can be generated between Buyer and Seller from within the MarketPlace.

ON-BOARD – After the order is accepted, the Seller’s item data can be sent to the Buyer’s system with just a single click, saving weeks of time and reducing or eliminating EDI expenses.

adminThe MarketPlace for Sellers-it’s FREE!