SQFI’s Audit Database: Powered by ReposiTrak®

Why SQFI chose ReposiTrak

Exclusively endorsed by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) as the industry standard food safety platform, it just made sense for SQFI to partner with ReposiTrak.  Together, we have integrated SQF audit management into ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System.  This capability will benefit SQF’s thousands of registered suppliers, in addition to its certification bodies and auditors, in managing the audit process from initial request and payment, through collection of results and reporting.  As part of the initiative, ReposiTrak will host and provide exclusive access to SQF’s audit results database.

What’s New and Improved for SQF-registered Suppliers? 

  • Audit registration and re-certification has been simplified and standardized.
  • Accounts are now managed at the Company vs. Facility level.
  • Corrective Actions are now closed directly with Certification Bodies. There is no longer a need to close these within the SQF database.
  • Audit history is at your fingertips within ReposiTrak where you can store your certificates and share results digitally with your customers.

The Silver Lining for SQF-registered Suppliers 

SQF-registered suppliers are now able to leverage ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System to automate the management of their vendor required documents in one place.  This includes SQF-required documents such as a current register of approved vendors, along with 3rd party audits and food safety plans, in addition to other vital business documents, such as signed vendor agreements, certificates of liability insurance and letters of continuing guarantee that also reduce brand risk.

Interested in hearing from an SQF-certified supplier about how they are leveraging ReposiTrak? Watch this webinar led by Neil Bogart, Assistant Vice President Quality Systems for Red Diamond, Inc. who is SQF Level III certified. Neil talks about the time and resources he has saved in using ReposiTrak to automate his approved vendor documentation and the management of daily tasks in his facilities. Click here to view the webinar.

Have You Verified Your Credentials in ReposiTrak Yet?  

Access to the old database provider will be expiring soon.  Login is easy.  Click here.   You will need to utilize your email address as your username to obtain a temporary password.   Run into problems?  Just reach out to SQFI Customer Support at info@sqfi.com.

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