Why am I being asked to enroll?

Your customer has chosen ReposiTrak to help verify their supply chain’s preparation for and compliance with FSMA and to reduce their overall brand and food safety risk.  As you are no doubt aware, compliance with FSMA’s Preventive Controls rules for both Human and Animal Food began in September 2016, and senior executives are responsible for their company’s compliance.  In the current food safety environment, your customers can no longer trust, but must verify the safety and compliance of their supply chain.

You are being asked to enroll and share your records through ReposiTrak, as it would be impossible for your customer to connect with each and every one of their suppliers’ systems.  Refusing to enroll puts your customer at risk, limiting them from linking together all of the records in their supply chain, which may in turn, also put your continued business with them in jeopardy.

The Benefits of Joining ReposiTrakdrawing social network structure

  • Once enrolled, you will be able to connect and share required documents with the other customers utilizing ReposiTrak in your supply chain. We currently service over two dozen of the nation’s leading Retailers and Wholesalers and their thousands of suppliers, and we are rapidly growing.
  • Grow your business in The MarketPlace.  Coming in early 2017, the MarketPlace will enable ReposiTrak retailers and wholesalers to search our supplier community to initiate new business partnerships and drive incremental sales.  Suppliers who are compliant with food safety and other self-defined criteria will be highlighted in search results, so your compliance with customer requirements will be a competitive advantage.
  • For SQF-certified Suppliers, access your audit results and request re-certification. ReposiTrak now powers SQFI’s Audit Databases.  Now from within ReposiTrak, access to your audit history and renewals are at your fingertips.
  • ReposiTrak is cloud-based and interoperable.

Once You’ve Joined, We Help Make Compliance Easyeasy button

  • We’ll ensure you have the list of documents your customer requires and answer any questions you may have.
  • We’ll keep track of the documents required by your customer and provide automatic email alerts for upcoming expiration dates, missing records, sub-standard audit scores, and unmet insurance coverage minimums.
  • ReposiTrak provides a compliance dashboard for every user, and makes it easy to correct non-compliance by just pressing the “Become Compliant” button.
  • Upon login to ReposiTrak, you can store any business, facility or product document related to food safety compliance for safe keeping or swift access.
adminWhy am I being asked to enroll?