Item & Cost/Specs Management

Flat style illustration of website analytics search information conceptVendors update their item and price information constantly to meet market conditions, changing seasons and promotional pressures.  Add on the collection of product specifications and food safety documentation and you have multiple departments communicating with a single vendor.  If you are using shared spreadsheets to manage this information, they are not only resource intensive, but are prone to errors.

If the goal is to confirm that you are purchasing the right product, at the right price from a compliant vendor, wouldn’t it make sense to collect all of your vendor data through just one platform?

The Benefits of Leveraging a Single Source of Data

  • 360 degree view (item, cost, compliance, specs, etc.) of any supplier’s data with a single sign-on
  • Greater speed and less risk as data is integrated between typical system silos
  • Easier for Suppliers as they only enter data once and can use any B2B format
  • Collaborative decision making as buyers and sellers have visibility to the same databig data collection ThinkstockPhotos-464806966
  • All data is clean and accurately synchronized between partners leveraging our SOC 1 Type II certified platform
  • Other platform apps such as Scan-based Trading and Automating Ordering are enabled


  • Item & Cost Management
    • New item proposals, changes and discontinues
    • Item & cost authorization (Offer, Accept, Reject)
    • Cost and promotional maintenance
  • Sales Collection & Reporting
    • Sales Audits, Exception Reporting
    • Distribution to Partners
  • Analytics
    • Out-of-Stocks, Fast/Slow Movers, and Trends

Reduce Risk and Improve Purchase Order Accuracy

  • ReposiTrak can plug into your PO system and flag POs generated for a non-compliant vendor, a non-approved vendor, pricing outside of set limits, or a product not in your system.
Stephen NguyenItem & Cost/Specs Management