Compliance Management System

team pulling arrow upward ThinkstockPhotos-459067085Automating your compliance management system with ReposiTrak will allow you to scale the number of documents you manage, enabling one person to manage thousands of documents.  The software was designed to help retailers, wholesalers and suppliers reduce their brand risk and comply with governmental regulations such as FSMA .

For Supplier Compliance

ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management system receives, stores, and shares required documents from your upstream supply chain to reduce risk.  Documents can be collected at any level:

  • Corporate – i.e. Supplier Agreements, Insurance Certificates, W-9, etc.
  • Facility – i.e. Third Party Audits, FDA Registrations, etc.
  • Item – i.e. Certificates of Analysis, Sustainability Certificates, Organic Certificates, etc.

For Corporate Compliance

To further reduce risk, the software can also be expanded to manage your company’s corporate compliance for:

  • Operational licenses
  • Personnel training
  • Facility certifications and inspection records/testing
  • Contract management
  • Regulatory compliance i.e. DOT, OSHA, etc.

What our Solution Can Do for You

Our Compliance Management System manages compliance through dashboards and exception based alerts for missing, expired, or inaccurate documents and has received numerous industry accolades for its ease of use. Automating with ReposiTrak you will get:

Confirmed Compliance – In our experience, the goal is not to simply store electronic documents, but to confirm their compliance. ReposiTrak reads inside uploaded documents and compares contents vs. requirements to detect inaccuracies and/or misrepresentation.

Faster Response – Our e-sign functionality negates the need to print, sign, scan and return. Suppliers can immediately improve their compliance by clicking the “Become Compliant” button.

Dual Reporting – Our compliance solution provides exception-based alerts that are sent to both parties to address compliance issues. If a document includes an expiration date, both parties will also receive proactive reminders weeks or months in advance, as selected.

A Wide Variety of Data Collected – Data/documentation can be received from multiple systems and in any format. ReposiTrak can even pull data from scanned documents.

Visibility –  Food safety audits can now be seen that may be underway but not yet completed.

Version Control – All of your previous versions are kept for historical reference.

Instant Access – Using the software, any supply chain document can be found in seconds using a word, phrase or value.

Stephen NguyenCompliance Management System