The ReposiTrak® Platform Overview

A Comprehensive Risk Management Platform 

ReposiTrak has again been recognized by Food Logistics as one of the top technology providers of 2017.  Our robust cloud-based platform helps grocery and foodservice supply chain partners verify compliance with business and regulatory requirements in order to reduce brand, legal, and financial risk.

document shutterstock_68248576Compliance Management System

ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management system is a one-stop solution for automating the management of and importantly, CONFIRMING compliance of corporate and approved supplier program documents and/or regulatory records. It’s the solution you’ll need to drive results, as dual reporting provides instant notifications on compliance issues and our Customer Success Team is dedicated to working with your suppliers to achieve your goals.

world snagSQFI’s Audit Databases: Powered by ReposiTrak

Now that SQFI and ReposiTrak have partnered to integrate SQF audit management into ReposiTrak’s Compliance Management System, we are able to push notifications regarding any change in certification status immediately to a supplier’s customers on ReposiTrak. We know that all supply chain participants want to know when a partner keeps, gains, or loses their 3rd party audit certification status to reduce their risk. This is an exclusive value ReposiTrak and SQFI are providing that is not available from any other compliance management provider or audit schema.

traceability shutterstock_68248576Track & Trace System

The Track & Trace system quickly identifies the supply chain path taken by a product in the unfortunate event of a product recall. It can reduce the risk in the supply chain by identifying backward chaining sources and forward chaining recipients of any product or ingredient.  Currently, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires each recipient of a product in the supply chain be able to know where a product came from (one-back) and where it went (one forward).

person shutterstock_68248576New Vendor Setup Automation

New Vendor Setup Automation screens for compliance and automates the steps of the approval process. New vendors access and upload all required business, audit and regulatory documents, and ReposiTrak confirms if and when a new vendor number should be assigned and purchase order generated.

time saver shutterstock_68248576Item Master / Specs Management

The Item Master/Specs Management system provides a streamlined way to manage product data collection.  It can account for all vendor product-level specifications including descriptions, and pricing (if desired).   It will manage product-level compliance (think non-GMO, etc.) and can help you reduce risk by flagging purchase orders for non-payment based on non-compliance. 

cart snagMarketPlace

Designed for retailers and wholesalers to connect and drive new business with compliant suppliers, our MarketPlace helps to bring new products to market in just a fraction of the time. Unlike other electronic supplier catalogs, our MarketPlace solution is the first of its kind to automate and guide sourcing from end-to-end, and includes supplier qualification, order negotiation and on-boarding of a new supplier.

It’s Not Just The Technology!

The ReposiTrak Difference?  An Active Approach

Other systems simply don’t move the needle in achieving supply chain compliance as they take a passive approach and depend on the voluntary self-management of suppliers. Without constant contact and follow up, your suppliers will fall out of compliance, and increase your brand risk.  With ReposiTrak, we believe it takes a village to drive implementation and manage compliance, and therefore we offer an active vs. a passive approach to on-boarding and maintenance of compliance.

ReposiTrak takes an active approach by combining a web-based solution with an in-house team assigned to you to speed results and reduce risk.  As much as we believe in automation, humans reaching out by phone to your suppliers make all the difference.  Our studies show that very few suppliers will respond to an email alert to address compliance. Our approach includes:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Team – a team of account managers & technical support who make personal contact with your vendors via phone and email to assist them in getting fully compliant with your requirements. We currently support industry-leading Retailers and Wholesalers and their thousands of suppliers and are continuing to grow.
  • Non-Compliance Follow Up – our ReposiTrak team will reach out to suppliers and literally “nag” them to correct non-compliance issues. This saves hours of time spent by QC, Food Safety, Category, Finance, and Risk Managers.
Nicholas SicklesThe ReposiTrak® Platform Overview